Ron Gold for Attorney General of California

Ron Gold for Attorney General 2014March 7th, 2014, Ron Gold announced his candidacy for Attorney General of California. Ron is the only Republican candidate for this office to bring both the experience necessary to properly fulfill its duties and the focus on the most important and timely issues to improve the lives of Californians across the greatest state in the US. Ron has decided to focus on two chief issues. The first and most pressing is anti-corruption within the state government and outside of it as well. Ron will make it his job to punish government officials who are corroding the trust between the government and the citizens of California. The second issue Ron considers of pressing importance is the status of undocumented residents who are already serving critical roles that benefit the legal residents of California. While we should not reward them for their criminal actions, we also must make the most of those who have demonstrated honest, hard work. Ron hopes to find a pathway for them to come out of the shadows and fully participate in taxes and life together. Ron Gold is a Republican and he brings a fresh viewpoint and new approaches to the party, while maintaining the traditional vantage point of a more conservative nature. Show your support for the candidate for Attorney General who is unafraid to enforce the law against corrupt officials and who hopes to reconcile and bring the fruits of the labors of undocumented residents to the citizens of California. Vote Ron Gold for Attorney General 2014.